About us

The Fine Foundation was established in response to Poland and Krakow becoming one of the countries and cities with the largest influx of refugees in the world. The official number of refugees who came to Poland from the Ukraine has reached almost 3 million people. More than half are children. According to the UN, this is the fastest exodus of refugees in this century.


CIn order to help as best we can, on March 14, 2022 at Pałac Pod Baranami, in the very heart of Krakow, we launched Day Care Krakow, a free day care point for 100 Ukrainian children. Day Care Krakow was created for parents looking for support in caring for their children while dealing with formalities related to their stay in Poland and while searching for temporary accommodation and work.

We originally planned to operate for a month, but now we know that it is definitely too short. Day Care Krakow The Small Meetings Centre has become a friendly place for over a hundred young refugees, providing them with the best possible care and creating conditions for extensive social, psychological and cognitive development. The Small Meetings Centre is a space that responds to the needs of children and their families. We care about the preservation and development of the identity of Ukrainian families, also giving them the opportunity to learn about the Polish culture, traditions and Krakow itself. We believe that this will help children and their families regain a sense of security and create a basis for building a better future.
As part of the Fine Foundation, we implement projects aimed at preschool children and young people, as well as development and support workshops for adults, and training projects for educators and guardians of children who came to Poland. We opened a publishing house, publishing free materials and informational brochures on legal and psychological aid in Polish and Ukrainian.
We plan to operate as long as we continue to have funding.


We believe that through mutual respect and integration, we can contribute to building a future that will not be the same. It will be better.


Zapraszamy do rejestracji
na zajęcia dla ukraińskich
dzieci w wieku 3–6 lat.

Zapraszamy wolontariuszy
do pomocy w opiece
nad dziećmi.

Zapraszamy instruktorów
do prowadzenia


1. Where are the classes held?
In Kamienica Hetmańska, 17 Market Square. The Day Care entrance is from 4 Bracka Street. We are located on the second floor, and the entrance gate is on the right at the end of the yard.


2. What time do the classes take place?
We invite you from Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.


3. How can I enrol my child?
Please fill out the registration form on the kindergarten’s website.


4. Are the classes free?
Yes, the classes are free.


5. Will the child get a hot meal during the day?
Yes, during the stay, the child will get 3 meals; breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea.


6. Will the children’s guardians speak Ukrainian?
Yes, Ukrainian-speaking teachers will look after the children.


7. How large are the groups?
Day Care has 4 groups of 25 children each.


8. At what age do you accept children?
We invite children aged 3-6.


9. How should the child be dressed for classes?
In comfortable clothes that can be stained with paint or other materials.


10. Does the child need a change of shoes?
Yes, bring a change of shoes.


11. Are the children’s guardians appropriately qualified?
Each group is led by a certified kindergarten teacher from the Ukraine.


12. Can I count on the support of a child psychologist in the facility?
Yes, during the whole day there is a child psychologist available at the facility.


13. What will the children do during the day?
In addition to free play, children will be provided with a number of interesting and creative workshops. Children will be taught both Ukrainian and Polish.


14. How to get there?
The nearest stop is “Plac Wszystkich Świętych”. You can also take any bus or tram to the stops around the Planty (Dworzec Główny, Poczta Główna, Stary Kleparz, Basztowa, Bagatela, etc.), and then a short walk to the Market Square.


15. Can I park my car nearby?
Unfortunately, car entry is not possible in the immediate vicinity of the Market Square. Paid parking (with parking meters) is available on the streets leading to the Planty.




Kamienica Hetmańska
Rynek Główny 17
(wejście od ul. Brackiej)

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